With practical working knowledge of staircases, we can advise you with the best solution to your handrail desires.
With state of the art technology, we can scan your staircase into a computer giving us every detail to make the handrail accurately. when working to match existing handrail we can copy the flow and pattern of the original handrail and blend the new handrail in as if it was put in at the same time as the original.

Existing staircases
For existing staircases the layout of the handrail is already decided, the choice is how do you want the staircase to look? tradition modern or otherwise. We can help design the handrail to produce the look you want.

New Staircases
The most important part of getting a good handrail layout, is in the staircase plan; it's pointless putting the foundations down for a bungalow and expecting the building to look like a mansion. the staircase needs to be planned with the handrail design in mind. The staircase is a very important part of the building; as it is the only part to run through all floors, dependant on the size of property the staircase can be given the room to become more elaborate, allowing for continuous flights with a stairwell. Whereas on smaller properties the flights are generally straighter without a stairwell.